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3 main methods to unravel a scam of any kind

In our aspiration to prevent scams we continue series of articles on prevention of fraud in the transportation industry with tips and measures that shippers can take to protect themselves:

1. Verify contact info on official websites

When you’re working with a new company or partner, verify that the number of their ID and the email address matches the one listed for that MC number on the FMCSA’s Safety.

2. Ask for details

Get additional info about a shipment ― it will help you make better decisions, but it will also exclude double-brokering, when a carrier books a cargo through a broker, and then brokers that freight again. It's illegal, but it also isn't always easy to spot ― asking for additional information can help for sure.

3. Keep your info up to date

Make sure that all information about the new phone numbers or addresses is updated with the FMCSA. Scammers often look for old contacts in order to pretend to be a different company, so having your info updated in these places will make it obvious that these people are frauders.

You have to practice vigilance at all times. Finding a reliable freight brokerage company is a big step towards success. Now you are on the right path ― write to or make a call now to ask any questions.